Top 10 Best Loyalty Program Apps for Shopify [Updated September 2022]

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there and for good reason. It’s easy to use, has a ton of features, and is very scalable. But once you set up your Shopify store, you need to find the best apps to really make it work for you. So we’ve done the legwork and shortlisted the best Loyalty Program apps for Shopify to help you get started.

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Best Shopify Loyalty program Apps Of 2022

With so many apps out there, it can be tough to know which ones are the best. So here’s a list of the best Shopify Loyalty Program apps to help you grow and scale your business more efficiently. Each of these apps has its own unique set of features and benefits, so be sure to read through the descriptions and our take based on the user reviews carefully to find the Shopify app that’s right for you.

1. Joy: Rewards, Loyalty Program

Joy: Rewards, Loyalty Program  - Rewards, Loyalty Points & Rewards Program Points, Referrals'
  • Rating – 5.0 of 5 stars (559 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

Store administrators can easily set up different rewards and points schemes for customers, based on their actions (e.g. successful order placement or sign-up). These schemes can be time-based as well, so that customers are rewarded for their loyalty over time.

  • Boost customer loyalty – Enable customers to engage and commit to your store by automatically awarding them points for each purchase and expenditure. You can then use these points to gain rewards over time.
  • Maximize value & sales – Encourage buyers to purchase more and more repeatedly with diverse point redemption and rewards.
  • Improve shopping experience – Making online shopping more rewarding is always a fun and exciting experience. Reward your customers with loyalty points so they feel happy and satisfied with their purchases.


Based on customer reviews, Joy: Rewards, Loyalty Program for Restaurants is a reliable and trustworthy loyalty program that offers restaurant owners incentive rewards for their customers.

2. Rivo: Rewards, Loyalty Program

Rivo: Rewards, Loyalty Program - Increase customer retention w/ Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals'
  • Rating – 4.9 of 5 stars (1195 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 7-day free trial.

Why choose Rivo as your loyalty and referral app? There are lots of options out there, but Rivo is a great choice because of its unique features and customer service.

  • Increase Repeat Sales -Loyalty – Increase engagement and repeat sales through our loyalty & rewards program. Rewards points and discounts can help encourage sales.
  • Rewards and Loyalty Program – You can customize your rewards, referrals, and loyalty program to perfectly match your brand. You can also use beautifully crafted widgets and emails to delight customers.
  • Increase Traffic – Referrals – Shoppers who use Shopify referrals see a huge increase in traffic. They can refer friends and save on ad spend!


Based on customer reviews, Rivo: Rewards, Loyalty Program is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on the App Store. This rating is based on the following factors: – Customer service is quick to respond and always happy to help- The app has a lot of features for loyalty programs- The customer section in the app is accurate and up-to-date with customer signups

3. Gift Cards & Loyalty Program

Gift Cards & Loyalty Program - Launch a Loyalty Program w/ Referrals, Store Credit & Rewards'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (935 reviews)
  • Pricing – From $19.99/month. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

With, a Store Credit & Loyalty Program solution, you can harness the power of Gift Cards to increase revenue and loyalty and to drive new customers to your store.

  • Innovative Loyalty Program – Launch a loyalty program that will increase membership and sales. Boost rewards and referrals usage with customer accounts and one-click checkout.
  • Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals – You can set up advanced Credit rules to incentivize referrals and reward your customers. You can also give bulk store credit for refunds, returns, and more.
  • Advanced Gift Card Program – Develop an superior Gift Card experience: Enable customers to schedule and send Gift Cards, create Gift Cards in bulk, and sell physical Gift Cards.


  • Rating – 4.9 of 5 stars (103 reviews)
  • Pricing – Price: Free

Loloyal has years of experience helping businesses grow their loyalty programs. They have been praised by many customers as the trusted long-term provider of loyalty program solutions.

  • Long-term loyalty provider – Loloyal has helped over 25,000+ businesses grow and make the customer happy. We offer loyalty points, rewards, and referral programs to help you succeed too!
  • Boost new & repeat sales – There are new power features to help grow your business. You can use referral and reward programs that let customers refer friends and save on ad spending.
  • Empower your business – Empower your email marketing and subscription tools with loyalty data, incenting reviews with points, rewarding customers with POS data, and more.


Based on customer reviews, LOYALTY, REWARDS & REFERRALS is a well-run, reputable company that offers great customer service and rewards programs. The programs are also very convenient, as they can be accessed online. Overall, LOYALTY, REWARDS & REFERRALS is a great option for those looking for a loyalty program.

5. BON: Rewards, Loyalty Program

BON: Rewards, Loyalty Program - Loyalty program app (point, referral, VIP & rewards program)'
  • Rating – 4.9 of 5 stars (716 reviews)
  • Pricing – Price: Free

Install the app IMMEDIATELY!

  • Uplift customer retention – Increase customer engagement with our powerful loyalty points, referrals and rewards program. This will make them smile.
  • Refer a friend – Brand advocates influence new customers, refer their friends, and receive rewards; Bring more organic traffic to your store.
  • Standout customizations – Tailor your loyalty program appearance to capture customer attention. Fully customized widgets and personalized emails can help you do this.

6. Growave: Loyalty, Wishlist +3

Growave: Loyalty, Wishlist +3 - Loyalty program rewards, referral, product reviews, gift cards'
  • Rating – 4.9 of 5 stars (1760 reviews)
  • Pricing – From $9/month. 30-day free trial.

Update: The Growave dashboard has been redesigned, and the user interface and user experience have been improved.

  • Boost customer loyalty – You can create a points program to reward your shoppers, give them discounts in store, and even offer free products. Let them market you by referring others, and treat VIPs special.
  • Grow sales with Wishlist – Easy, personalized buying process with powerful buying triggers such as dropping in price, back in stock, on sale, and running out of stock.
  • Collect reviews and UGC – Collect photo reviews automatically with our review requests. Showcase high-ratings reviews on Google search results in multiple languages.

7. Points VIP Loyalty Program

Points VIP Loyalty Program - Free Product'
  • Rating – 5.0 of 5 stars (14 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

We offer multilingual support – including Chinese ( Traditional & Simplified ), Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish and English!

  • Boost repeat purchases – Reduce customer acquisition costs by using referrals, a points system, exclusive offers, or a reward program.
  • Increase customer loyalty – Create an engaging and compelte earning and spending point system that can keep customers engaged and committed to your store. This will help you to lure them in with automatic gifts, then keep them coming back for more.
  • Your brand, your designs – Customize the look and feel of everything at your site, from pop-ups to referral and point offers, to rewards and email messages, with our easy-to-use editor.


Based on customer reviews, Points VIP Loyalty Program is a reputable loyalty program that offers great benefits to its members. The points system is easy to use, and the rewards are worth redeeming. Overall, Points VIP Loyalty Program is a great loyalty program that should be considered by anyone looking for a good deal on rewards.

8. Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals

Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals - Loyalty program with store credit, giveaways, points & badges'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (127 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Do you have difficulty selling to your customers more than once? Are you spending too much on advertising but not seeing the results you want? Are your customers migrating to competitors?

  • BOOST REPEAT SALES LOYALTY – Increase repeat purchases and order value through our expert-crafted promotions and loyalty program in minutes! Reward with points & badges!.
  • SAVE ON ADS & RETURN COSTS – Our reward program will keep them engaged, with special perks such as VIP status and tiered discounts. You can use store credit for returns!
  • ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS – Use the referral feature to bring in new customers. This will be done through a simple and cost-effective process of referring friends.


Based on customer reviews, Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals is a reliable and trustworthy loyalty program. The program offers a variety of benefits, such as free flights and discounts on purchases. The program is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Overall, Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals is a reliable loyalty program that is worth considering if you are looking for a quality loyalty program.

9. Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards - Loyalty points, rewards, & referrals to retain your customers'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (4723 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

Smile helps growing Shopify and Shopify Plus brands create powerful rewards and loyalty programs. With years of experience in customer loyalty, Smile allows you to boost sales from your existing customer base. Through points and rewards, you can increase customer engagement and loyalty, which can lead to repeat orders without expensive and unpredictable traditional advertising.

  • Your trusted loyalty provider – We are experts in loyalty, referrals, and VIPs. This power helps us increase sales, repeat purchases, and brand loyalty.
  • Boost new and repeat sales – Save on acquisition costs by enrolling customers in your loyalty program with referrals, points, rewards, and more. Create a loyalty program in minutes!
  • Level up your marketing apps – Enhance your email marketing and subscription tools with loyalty data, give points for reviews, and more.

10. Stamped Loyalty & Referrals

Stamped Loyalty & Referrals - Loyalty Program with rewards, referrals, points & VIP tiers'
  • Rating – 4.0 of 5 stars (116 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

By using Stamped Loyalty & Referrals, you can maximize customer loyalty and engagement. To see our other fully integrated app, click on our name above.

  • Loyalty & Rewards Program – Encourage customers to engage with your brand by offering points for following you on social media, retweeting your posts, or even just visiting your website.
  • Referral Program – Use word-of-mouth marketing to embrace powerful conversion techniques that are the most efficient and cost-effective way to market your business.
  • Loyalty VIP Tiers – Boost brand loyalty and revenue by creating a VIP program that offers rewards for customers who qualify. This will encourage them to come back and continue using your product or service.

Next steps

There you have it! The best Shopify loyalty program apps to help take your business to the next level. No matter what your budget is or what type of business you have, there’s an app on this list that can help you improve and scale your business. And since most of these Loyalty Program apps for Shopify have a free trial, you can spend a while to try some of the ones you like best before finalizing one one! So what are you waiting for? Get started today and see the results for yourself! And don’t forget to keep an eye on for more Shopify app reviews

Want to get your app listed? If you have built a Shopify app that fits the list, see one missing from here, let us know. Drop us an email on [email protected] with the subject "Collaboration request" and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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