Top 10 Best Integration Apps for Shopify [Updated September 2022]

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there and for good reason. It’s easy to use, has a ton of features, and is very scalable. But once you set up your Shopify store, you need to find the best apps to really make it work for you. So we’ve done the legwork and shortlisted the best Integration apps for Shopify to help you get started.

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Best Shopify Integration Apps Of 2022

With so many apps out there, it can be tough to know which ones are the best. So here’s a list of the best Shopify Integration apps to help you grow and scale your business more efficiently. Each of these apps has its own unique set of features and benefits, so be sure to read through the descriptions and our take based on the user reviews carefully to find the Shopify app that’s right for you.

1. Etsy Marketplace Integration

Etsy Marketplace Integration - Easily manage listings, inventory, orders & more on'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (1240 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

The Etsy Marketplace Integration app is designed to help sellers achieve 100% growth. It uses automation to replace manual efforts, and we can vouch for its ability to support all variants and complete syncing for proper management.

  • Advance Product Listing – You can enhance the quality of product listings by using the profiling feature. This allows you to manage attributes in more detail, for example.
  • Real-Time Sync – The products details, such as inventory, price, etc., are regularly synced from your Shopify store to Etsy via the Etsy Integration app.
  • Advance Order Management – The app provides personalized order management. You can choose whether to ship orders with or without tracking.


Based on customer reviews, Etsy Marketplace Integration may not be the best solution for your needs. However, if you’re looking for a customer support option that is not reliable or helpful, this may be the app for you. Additionally, make sure to read the user guide thoroughly before installing the app in order to avoid any frustrating experiences.

2. German accounting Integration

German accounting Integration - Manage DATEV-ready vouchers, taxes, payments & customers'
  • Rating – 4.9 of 5 stars (125 reviews)
  • Pricing – $10/month. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Integrate your shopify store with the German lexoffice accounting software in a few easy steps and get your accounting process streamlined.

  • Automate your invoicing – Automatically create and send invoices, refunds and payments to your customers for each order that is created in your store.
  • Easy DATEV Export – You can automatically enter documents for all tax returns (VAT & DATEV | VAT & balance sheet accounting | OSS) in just a few clicks. This will save you on tax consultancy costs.
  • Import Historic Data – If you ever lost track of your accounting, you can use the import feature to get invoices from older orders.


Based on customer reviews, German accounting Integration , Shopify integration, and helpful customer support, the Eshop Guide app is a great choice for online retailers in Germany.

3. Integration for eBay

Integration for eBay - Effortlessly sell on eBay to improvise sales'
  • Rating – 4.9 of 5 stars (548 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

Experience the joy of selling on eBay, eBay websites and eBay Motors by simplifying the most time-consuming process of listing, editing & managing products & inventories on eBay. The app supports all Shopify Store types making selling flawless for everyone.

  • Easy eBay bulk Listing – Automate the listing process by uploading products based on profiles. This will eliminate all manual work.
  • Near Real-time Syncing – Keep all your product details synchronized in real-time so you can list them on eBay. This includes title, inventory, price, and order details.
  • Flexible Templates – Create eBay listings with custom product templates and specify detailed product information like inventory, category, title, and pricing.

4. Etsy Integration, Import

Etsy Integration, Import - Etsy Migration, Etsy Import, Etsy Sync & Etsy Connector'
  • Rating – 5.0 of 5 stars (22 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

OneEtsy is the ultimate product feed solution to help sync, list and manage products from Shopify Catalogs to multiple Etsy stores without any coding.

  • 1-Click sync products to Etsy – Upload all Shopify products to multiple Etsy stores without any coding required.
  • Etsy feed management made easy – Keep track of all Etsy product feeds in one place. No channel-hopping or time-wasting.
  • Error-free Etsy product feed – With accurate product data, you can increase your chances of converting. We provide error warnings to help you stay ahead of potential conversion problems.


Based on customer reviews, Etsy Integration, Import ing Products to Etsy, is a great app for anyone looking to sell products on Etsy. The process is simple and the customer support is excellent. Overall, this app would be a great investment for anyone looking to start or Further develop their Etsy business.

5. Etsy Integration Inventory

Etsy Integration Inventory  - Easy Etsy Integration-inventory, Orders, Quantities'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (129 reviews)
  • Pricing – $19/month. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

If you’re selling on Etsy, don’t worry – our Etsy Integration app will take care of everything for you. It’ll automatically keep track of your inventory, orders, and quantities- so you can focus on what’s really important: making great art!

  • Export Listings to Etsy – Etsy Integration: Shopify data can be easily exported into Etsy so that products, images, title tags, descriptions and more are automatically imported.
  • Etsy real time Inventory sync – Etsy shop owners will love our Etsy Shopify integration. This allows you to keep your inventory sync in real time so you never oversell again!
  • Etsy sync orders & fulfillment – Sync your Etsy orders with Shopify. This will allow you to keep track of orders and shipments across platforms. You can also manage supplier information and pricing options on Shopify.


Based on customer reviews, Etsy Integration Inventory is a useful tool for managing inventory and tracking sales. The customer service is responsive and helpful, and the app is easy to use. Overall, users recommend Etsy Integration Inventory as a valuable tool for keeping track of inventory and sales.

6. Amazon Integration Plus

Amazon Integration Plus - Amazon advanced integration for pros, international, unlimited'
  • Rating – 4.3 of 5 stars (172 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

With Amazon Plus, you can export your products and offers for use in other online marketplaces.

  • International – Amazon Marketplace worldwide offers support for multiple accounts from different countries, multiple currencies, and tax management.
  • Automated – Sync automatically your store with Amazon, import all your orders, FBA, MCF, Prime, and more.
  • Smart – We offer a variety of features, including geolocation, automatic tax management, FBA, prime shipping, and automatic product matching.

7. Walmart Integration

Walmart Integration - An all-in-one solution to simplify your way to sell on...'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (481 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

Walmart integration app is carefully designed to help you increase sales and profits on Walmart. It is easy to manage complex operations through Automation and synchronization of critical product data.

  • Optimize Product Listings – Enhance the visibility of your listings on Walmart by creating profiles. Manage attributes within profiles to make your listings SEO-friendly.
  • Inventory Location – Making inventory location mapping easy. Now fetch inventory from any specified location without having to change the default settings.
  • Advance Order Management – Manage your sales orders, failed orders, order refunds, and order cancellations with the app. Orders are easily placed and tracked all in one place.


Based on customer reviews, Walmart Integration and SEO App is not recommended.

8. Etsy Integration & Sync

Etsy Integration & Sync - Easy Etsy: Sync / Import / Export  Products, Inventory, Orders'
  • Rating – 4.7 of 5 stars (267 reviews)
  • Pricing – From $19.99/month. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Our app helps merchants speed up the tedious process of keeping multiple sales platforms in sync by automating this process.

  • Automatic & Real-Time Sync – Sync your store’s inventory and products (images, title, price, description, meta fields, etc.) to
  • Sync & import Etsy listings – If you’re already selling on Etsy, our app will let you import and sync your Etsy products, inventory, and orders to Shopify.
  • Automate Accounting & Stock – You can manage multiple orders and inventory of Etsy within Shopify admin using different conditions to automate your accounting. For example, you can set up different orders and inventory conditions depending on customer type (subscribers, non-subscribers, etc.), or depending on the product’s stock status (in stock, out of stock, pending).

9. DPD Integration

DPD Integration - Creates and tracks DPD Shipments (20 countries supported)'
  • Rating – 4.9 of 5 stars (48 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

This app is easy to use and saves you time filling shipping forms.

  • Easy shipment creation – You don’t have to spend time filling out shipment forms. You can either create shipments automatically or manually with just one click.
  • Keep customers informed – Your orders are automatically updated when the shipment status changes, and the customer is notified on delivery status.
  • Faster order processing – Print labels and packing slips in bulk for orders with tracking number, so you can save even more time.


Based on customer reviews, DPD Integration is a reliable and affordable shipping service.

10. Fruugo Marketplace Integration

Fruugo Marketplace Integration - Sell on Fruugo, Manage Orders & Products, Free listings'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (120 reviews)
  • Pricing – Price: Free

Once you have installed the Fruugo Marketplace Integration App and connected it with your Shopify store, you can easily import all of your desired products. You can do this by clicking a few buttons in the app, or by uploading them using the app. Additionally, you are entitled to make any modifications (if needed) to your product listings before displaying them on

  • Seamless Product Listings – List all your Shopify products with their variations on Fruugo without any hassle. Get to map your products according to Fruugos standards.
  • Near Real-Time Synchronization – Any changes to your inventory or pricing in either Fruugo or Shopify stores are synced in near real-time.
  • Streamlined Order Management – Take advantage of this powerful Fruugo-Shopify integration app to automate inventory and order management processes.


Based on customer reviews, Fruugo Marketplace Integration is a reliable e-commerce platform that is easy to use. The platform provides a variety of features that make it a good option for small businesses, and the customer service is excellent. Overall, Fruugo Marketplace Integration is a reliable e-commerce platform that should be considered by small businesses looking for an easy to use solution.

Next steps

There you have it! The best Shopify integration apps to help take your business to the next level. No matter what your budget is or what type of business you have, there’s an app on this list that can help you improve and scale your business. And since most of these Integration apps for Shopify have a free trial, you can spend a while to try some of the ones you like best before finalizing one one! So what are you waiting for? Get started today and see the results for yourself! And don’t forget to keep an eye on for more Shopify app reviews

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