Top 10 Best Bundle Apps for Shopify [Updated September 2022]

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there and for good reason. It’s easy to use, has a ton of features, and is very scalable. But once you set up your Shopify store, you need to find the best apps to really make it work for you. So we’ve done the legwork and shortlisted the best Bundle apps for Shopify to help you get started.

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Best Shopify Bundle Apps Of 2022

With so many apps out there, it can be tough to know which ones are the best. So here’s a list of the best Shopify Bundle apps to help you grow and scale your business more efficiently. Each of these apps has its own unique set of features and benefits, so be sure to read through the descriptions and our take based on the user reviews carefully to find the Shopify app that’s right for you.

1. Bundler ‑ Product Bundles

Bundler  Product Bundles - Bundle products, Mix&Match bundles, Volume discounts!'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (571 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

Bundler – Product Bundles is a Shopify bundle app that will help you boost your sales and increase your average order value by applying discounts on products bought in bundles. Bundler is a market disruptor, as it offers bundling functionality to Shopify users for an affordable price!

  • Increase average order value – Offer customers a discount or free shipping when they buy a bundle or popular products together! This can increase average order value.
  • Choose bundle discount type – Set a percentage discount, fixed amount discount, fixed price, free shipping discount, volume discount or wholesale discount!
  • Compatible with subscriptions! – Bundler can apply bundle discounts to auto-charging subscription products. You can apply these discounts on initial orders or all orders!.

2. Simple Bundles & Kits

Simple Bundles & Kits - Single & multi-SKU bundles + infinite options3PL, WMS & more!'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (70 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

At Simple Bundles, we understand the importance of quickly and easily selling bundles and kits. With our easy-to-use interface, you can see all the individual products that make up your bundle, making it easy to pick & pack orders while syncing inventory in real-time.

  • Boost your sales and AOV – Boost sales, sell more stock, and encourage product discovery with our insightful analysis.
  • Build bundles & deals – Create bundles of different products with different combinations of products, including single-SKU and multi-SKU bundles. You can also create infinite option bundles.
  • Fulfill multi-SKU bundles – See all of the products in your bundle to quickly pick and pack orders. Inventory is updated in real-time.


Based on customer reviews, Simple Bundles & Kits is a good value for the money. The bundles and kits are easy to follow, and the workouts are challenging. Some customers complained that the workouts were too simple or not challenging enough, but overall most customers found them to be helpful.

3. Bundle Products | Upsell

Bundle Products'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (655 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

The bundle products app will help you double your store sales and sell a maximum product with a product bundling feature. Welcome to your customers by selling many products in one combo. Within fewer clicks, you can make unlimited custom bundles and show discounts anywhere in your store. This bundling feature will help to double your income, sell flat products of store, highlight discounts & create long-term relationships with customers..

  • Frequently bought together – Enable your customers to purchase related products together with a single click.
  • Build a Bundle Box – Want more sales? You can pick a product and create your own customized box, mix and match products.
  • Combo Bundle Product Discount – Apply a discount (%), a fixed amount discount ($), or a volume discount (%) to your bundle.


Based on customer reviews, Bundle Products | Upsell s may be a good choice for those who are looking to make money online.

4. Bundle Bear ‑ Volume Discounts

Bundle Bear  Volume Discounts - Volume discount, quantity breaks, product bundles & free gifts'
  • Rating – 4.9 of 5 stars (179 reviews)
  • Pricing – From $24.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Bundle Bear is perfect for testing different prices. It’s great for finding out which price is performing better, and when you have enough data, it can be conclusive.

  • Product bundles made easy – You can mix and match product bundles with special discounts to increase your average order value.
  • Built-in volume discounts – Create bulk discounts when customers buy more. Display discounted prices on your product and cart pages, so that customers know they are getting a deal when they make a purchase.
  • Cart goals and free gifts – Easily offer discounts based on customers’ spending (spend X and get % off) as well as free gifts.


Based on customer reviews, Bundle Bear ‑ Volume Discounts for Mobile Apps Review is a reliable and credible app. It offers volume discounts for popular mobile apps, and its customer service is friendly and responsive. Overall, it is a good choice for those looking for app discounts.

5. Upsell & Cross Sell ‑ Selleasy

Upsell & Cross Sell  Selleasy - Frequently bought together, related product addons, bundles.'
  • Rating – 5.0 of 5 stars (338 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 30-day free trial.

The Selleasy app displays high conversion pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell offers. This prompts customers to include related products / accessories, and increases your average order value (AOV). The best part is your customer acquisition cost remains the same, and hence your profitability also increases.

  • Increase Average Order Value – Cross-selling and upselling can increase your Shopify store’s average order value (AOV) and sales. Sell more with the same effort by using our tools.
  • Improve Item Discoverability – Our upsell widgets help improve the visibility of related products that could also be bought together.
  • Smooth Upsells & Cross Sells – High-converting upsells and cross-sells with seamless theme integration. Pleasant customer experience—no annoying popups!


Based on customer reviews, Upsell & Cross Sell ‑ Selleasy is a reliable and user‑friendly program. Overall, it is highly rated and recommended.

6. Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks

Wide Bundles  Quantity Breaks - BOGO, bundle variants aov, offers, volume discount, widebundle'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (231 reviews)
  • Pricing – $14.99/month. 14-day free trial.

With WideBundle, you can change the appearance of your variants to create incredible offers that will boost your conversions. You can also create discounts, bundles, upsells, or quantity breaks to increase your average order value.

  • Improve variants design – Change the design of your variants on your store to increase conversions with our bundles and discounts and boost your conversion rate.
  • Increase your conversion rates – WideBundle is not available as a choice when adding a product to your cart. We will replace all current variants with an ‘All In One’ bundle that removes the need to choose between products.
  • Allow the use of discount code – Unlike other bundling apps, you can still give discount codes to your users because WideBundle uses variants to create the discounts.


Based on customer reviews, Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks , is not as intuitive and functional as other Shopify Apps. Particularly, the formator speaks too quickly for novice users and omits his level of knowledge, which would be beneficial in adapting his discourse. The level of stock variations could not be synchronized, if a product is in two different packs. This problem poses a practical implication since buyers need to buy packs that have pre-determined stock levels, which defeats the purpose of paying for an app subscription. If a product is in widebundle’s rupture phase, the shopify application shopify does not impede the customer from proceeding to the next step but instead shows an empty basket notification. This could lead to confusion for customers who are expecting service after sale to offer a warning about possible product shortages. The service after sale offers to put “under condition of stock” notation on products in case of product availability breakage has potential shortcomings since it does not provide specific instructions on how customers can detect such situations in advance. Finally,

7. Bundles Upsell | PickyStory

Bundles Upsell'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (313 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

PickyStory is an app that enables small and large merchants to increase revenue and AOV.

  • Bundle: Upsell & Cross Sell – Bundle products together: Bundle as product (combo), bundle builder, BOGO, free gifts, buy x get y, lookbook, frequently bought together.
  • Discounts and Quantity Breaks – You can get deep discounts on bundles and stacks by using volume discounts, and you can also upsell bundles with quantity breaks.
  • Bundle Easily & Sync Inventory – Setup is easy with an interface that is easy to use and has live support 24/7. Discounts and inventory are automatically updated per SKU, so you can always be sure you’re monitoring bundle performance.


Based on customer reviews, Bundles Upsell | PickyStory is a reliable and user-friendly shopping tool that is perfect for online shoppers who are looking for quality products at affordable prices.

8. MBC Bundles ‑ Bundle App

MBC Bundles  Bundle App - Bundles Sales'
  • Rating – 4.9 of 5 stars (150 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 15-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

MakeBeCool is a team of experts with 10 years of experience in eCommerce. Their professional approach leads to unique solutions that are tailored to your business needs and target audience.

  • Bundle as a Single Product – Want your customer to say Yes, I want it all now!”? Get a single Bundle Product page! This way you can keep them updated on your product offerings and build a relationship with them.
  • 100% Fair Pricing – We offer affordable service packs and the pay-by-value model.
  • Customizable Product Kits – Creating custom bundles can drive more sales. With our bundle builder, you can easily create attractive deals that will engage more customers with no hassle!


Based on customer reviews, MBC Bundles ‑ Bundle App and MBC Plus are both good services. Customers generally like the services and find them helpful. Some customers complain about the difficulty in cancelling or switching services, but these issues seem to be rare. Overall, the customer reviews suggest that both MBC Bundles ‑ Bundle App and MBC Plus are effective and helpful services.

9. Zoorix: Cross Sell & Bundles

Zoorix: Cross Sell & Bundles - Cart & Product Bundle Upsell, Quantity Breaks, Bundle Builder'
  • Rating – 5.0 of 5 stars (441 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Zoorix is a simple but powerful app that can help your store generate an instant revenue boost.

  • Get More Sales (!) – Boost sales with 1-click recommendations of frequently bought together, mix and match bundles, volume discounts & sticky cart drawer.
  • In Cart Sweet Upsell – Offer cart and product page cross-sells, quantity discounts, and slide cart features to increase sales.
  • Same Traffic, Increased AOV – + Increase AOV (!!!) by using bundle deals and upsell products with quantity breaks, also bought and bundled builder. The ultimate sales app.


Based on customer reviews, Zoorix: Cross Sell & Bundles is a popular software for eCommerce sellers. While there are some complaints about the software, most customers seem to be satisfied with it. Therefore, we recommend Zoorix: Cross Sell & Bundles to eCommerce sellers who are looking for a comprehensive platform that helps them sell more products.

10. Fast Bundle | Product Bundles

Fast Bundle'
  • Rating – 4.9 of 5 stars (104 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

Bundling is a common method to promote your products and increase the conversion rate. The main reason that this win-win method is so common, is that it’s easy to understand for customers and also for merchants to create that kind of offer.

  • Different types of bundles – You can mix and match traffic sources, volume discounts, and product bundles based on collections or products. You can also choose from a variety of volume discounts and product bundles on the collections or products page. Finally, you can create custom upsell funnel popups using the bundles page.
  • Cross-sell and Upsell – Implement cross-sell and upsell strategies with product bundling to boost profits. This will help you stop losing money on each sale.
  • Multilingual & Multi currency – You can choose the wording of any language on your shop, and the app supports businesses with multiple currencies.


Based on customer reviews, Fast Bundle | Product Bundles is a reliable online platform that offers quality product bundles at affordable prices.

Next steps

There you have it! The best Shopify bundle apps to help take your business to the next level. No matter what your budget is or what type of business you have, there’s an app on this list that can help you improve and scale your business. And since most of these Bundle apps for Shopify have a free trial, you can spend a while to try some of the ones you like best before finalizing one one! So what are you waiting for? Get started today and see the results for yourself! And don’t forget to keep an eye on for more Shopify app reviews

Want to get your app listed? If you have built a Shopify app that fits the list, see one missing from here, let us know. Drop us an email on [email protected] with the subject "Collaboration request" and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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