Top 10 Best Bulk Price Editor Apps for Shopify [Updated September 2022]

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there and for good reason. It’s easy to use, has a ton of features, and is very scalable. But once you set up your Shopify store, you need to find the best apps to really make it work for you. So we’ve done the legwork and shortlisted the best Bulk Price Editor apps for Shopify to help you get started.

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Best Shopify Bulk price editor Apps Of 2022

With so many apps out there, it can be tough to know which ones are the best. So here’s a list of the best Shopify Bulk Price Editor apps to help you grow and scale your business more efficiently. Each of these apps has its own unique set of features and benefits, so be sure to read through the descriptions and our take based on the user reviews carefully to find the Shopify app that’s right for you.

1. Bulk Price Editor/Price Change

Bulk Price Editor/Price Change - Price update+changer, schedule sale, flash sale, bulk discount'
  • Rating – 4.6 of 5 stars (68 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

This is the perfect app for creating a temporary sale, price increase, or price decrease.

  • Change prices in bulk – Change the prices of any amount of products simultaneously with ease. Use advanced filters to target only products you want to price differently.
  • Schedule changes for later – You have the option to set the price changes to take place at a future date – there will be no more last minute scrambling for your big sale!
  • Revert changes any time – If you need to change prices back to their original values, it’s easy to do. Products can be easily restored to their original prices..


Based on customer reviews, Bulk Price Editor/Price Change is a great app that is easy to use and can be very helpful in changing prices for products. The only downside is that the app can be a bit expensive, but it is worth the price.

2. Rubix Bulk Price Editor

Rubix Bulk Price Editor - Price Change, Bulk Discount Manager, Schedule Sales,Flash Sale'
  • Rating – 4.5 of 5 stars (80 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 3-day free trial.

This app helps you to manage your business more efficiently. You can update product prices in bulk, schedule sales campaigns, change prices, run flash sales, and create any product discounts with just a few clicks.

  • Schedule Price Change – You can easily schedule your price changes or sales campaigns. Just let the app take care of it for you.
  • We don’t change your theme – The app will not adversely impact your store speed performance. We do not place any code in your theme.
  • User Friendly – Getting a better price for your product is easy with our guide – no coding needed!


Based on customer reviews, Rubix Bulk Price Editor is a useful app that helps you reduce your price while saving time. It’s easy to use and has a great customer service.

3. Bulk Price Editor Pro

Bulk Price Editor Pro - Bulk edit prices, schedule bulk discounts & rollback anytime.'
  • Rating – 4.7 of 5 stars (113 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 5-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Bulk Price Editor Pro is a professional-grade app that is designed to help you edit product prices quickly and accurately.

  • Fast and Reliable – Edit prices of thousands of products in minutes. Schedule bulk sales with confidence.
  • Powerful yet Easy – The editor is easy to use, with rules that are easy to understand. You can edit prices for a few products or the entire store in a few clicks.
  • Pocket Friendly – Edit unlimited products, schedule bulk discounts and rollback anytime at an affordable pricing. You can also change the prices of your products at any time.


Based on customer reviews, Bulk Price Editor Pro seems to be a reliable and affordable app that can help you increase or decrease prices quickly and easily.

4. GJ Bulk Price Editor

GJ Bulk Price Editor - Price Update, Price Change, Bulk Editor, Schedule Price Change'
  • Rating – 5.0 of 5 stars (15 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

Bulk Price Editor is the easiest way to update prices for multiple products at once. Simply choose the price change you want to make, specify the products or collections you want to update, and we’ll take care of the rest. Plus, we create a backup for every change, so if you want to restore the prices or change your mind, you can just click the Rollback button. You can even schedule your price update for some time in the future, if you don’t want to run it right away!

  • Flexible options – You can apply changes to specific collections, the entire store, or specific products.
  • Scheduling – Schedule a task to run at a specific time in the future.
  • Easy Rollback – You can easily undo any changes you make in 1 click.


Based on customer reviews, GJ Bulk Price Editor is a great app that is easy to use and can handle large numbers of products quickly. The customer service is also excellent.

5. Bulk Price Editor

Bulk Price Editor - Run promotions, send sms and manage prices in one app.'
  • Rating – 4.9 of 5 stars (17 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

Bulk price editing, scheduling sales, customer-based pricing, competitor tracking, charm pricing, automatic price updates for dropshipping stores; increase or decrease prices automatically as stock changes; auto calculate consignment costs in multiple currencies.

  • – You can easily see how your sales are performing by checking your Dashboard. You’ll also be notified when you have enough data for a definitive answer.
  • – See how your A/B tests are performing in real-time. We also show you which test is winning and when you have enough data to declare a winner.
  • – Get insights into how your website is performing from a single view, with data-driven analysis that tells you when you have enough information to declare a clear winner.


Based on customer reviews, Bulk Price Editor is an extremely efficient and reliable app that comes with a very helpful support team. It is perfect for both small and large businesses, as it allows you to quickly and easily adjust prices in bulk. Overall, Konigle is a must-have app for anyone looking to improve their store’s efficiency and profitability.

6. Bulk Price Editor

Bulk Price Editor - Manage price changes and scheduled sales in one app'
  • Rating – 4.7 of 5 stars (17 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 3-day free trial.

Bulk Price Editor is a simple and reliable tool for changing prices for multiple products. Forget manual updates and messing up with CSVs. Specify the change you want to make, select collections or products, and we’ll handle the rest. And don’t worry – we make a backup for every change. If you changed your mind – you can rollback any change literally in 1 click.

  • Fast Price Editing – Easily change PRICE and COMPARE AT PRICE for multiple products.
  • Flexible Settings – You can easily apply changes to the whole store, specific collections, or products.
  • Quick Rollback – Undo any changes and revert to the old prices in just one click.


Based on customer reviews, Bulk Price Editor has been found to be a easy to use, fast and straightforward app for changing prices in bulk. Although some customers experienced a bug with their theme, Kirill was quick to help out and the app overall is highly recommended.

7. Simple Bulk Price Editor

Simple Bulk Price Editor - Bulk Price Editor & Scheduler for Bulk Discounts & Bulk...'
  • Rating – 4.8 of 5 stars (29 reviews)
  • Pricing – $4.99/month. 7-day free trial.

This app was created to help you update prices of products in bulk. It’s easy to use, and provides flexibility to customize your price changes and apply them to a select group of products.

  • Bulk Edit Prices – Edit prices for any amount of products. You can use filters to narrow down your products and select only the ones you want to change.
  • Schedule Price Changes – You can schedule changes to prices to happen now or at a later date. You can also have the changes applied only for a certain window of time.
  • Simple 3-Step Process – The editing process is easy. Just follow 3 simple steps, and then your prices will be updated automatically.


Based on customer reviews, Simple Bulk Price Editor is a great, easy-to-use app that is perfect for stores with a lot of products and special requirements when it comes to bulk editing prices. The customer service is excellent, and if there are any issues with the app, the developer is quick to respond and fix them. Overall, this app is definitely worth checking out.

8. CustomEdit

CustomEdit - Bulk price editor for discounts and edits'
  • Rating – 2.2 of 5 stars (8 reviews)
  • Pricing – Price: Free

This app is designed to simplify the management of your products and their prices. You can easily filter products or collections while allowing for flexibility in how you want to customize your price changes.

  • Bulk Edit Prices – Very easily modify any number products or variants by clicking a few buttons. You can adjust the parameters to get the results you want.
  • Easy Search and Filtering – Select the products or collections you want to view. You can filter results by product, category, or collection.
  • Internationalization – CustomEdit is easy to use and supports international currencies. It rounds numbers correctly, making it a fast and reliable tool for your business.

9. BD Bulk Discount Price Editor

BD Bulk Discount Price Editor - Product Discount,Schedule Sales,Storewide Sales,Daily Deal'
  • Rating – 4.5 of 5 stars (133 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

No need to worry about setting up discounts for thousands of products- the Bulk Discount Manager does it for you! Use this handy sales manager to set bulk pricing and flash sales, and let the app call off changes automatically.

  • Plan and repeat bulk sales – You can easily schedule monthly and weekly product discounts in a handy bulk price editor. This makes it easy to repeat your flash sales repeatedly with the BD app.
  • Set mass discount easily – Make a storewide sale or apply a bulk discount to selected products or a collection. No coding skills needed to use the price editor.
  • Set up automatic discounts – Leave the discount schedule to the sales manager app. Product prices change during the discount period and get automatically updated.


Based on customer reviews, BD Bulk Discount Price Editor is an easy to use and effective shopping app that allows users to manage their storewide sales with ease. The app is slightly expensive, but it definitely delivers on its promises.

10. Sales Manager & Bulk Discounts

Sales Manager & Bulk Discounts - Scheduled Sales, Product Discounts,Flash Sale App,Price Editor'
  • Rating – 4.6 of 5 stars (79 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

Propel Sales Manager & Bulk Discounts was built by Shopify experts with a world-class support reputation. See for yourself in the review section. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

  • Run scheduled sales – Creating sales is easy using our weekly, monthly and recurring options. We take care of setting discounts and restoring prices when sales end, so you can focus on running your business.
  • Prevent discount stacking – Our intelligent discount logic prevents discount stacking, so you always get the greatest discounts. When multiple sales are active, we auto-apply the latest discount.
  • Super fast price editor – Discount your entire store with a scheduled sale or use it as a price editor for specific products. Discount up to 120 products per minute!


Based on customer reviews, Sales Manager & Bulk Discounts would benefit from improvements in three areas: – App usability and features – Customer service response time and quality – Sale activation and updates

Next steps

There you have it! The best Shopify bulk price editor apps to help take your business to the next level. No matter what your budget is or what type of business you have, there’s an app on this list that can help you improve and scale your business. And since most of these Bulk Price Editor apps for Shopify have a free trial, you can spend a while to try some of the ones you like best before finalizing one one! So what are you waiting for? Get started today and see the results for yourself! And don’t forget to keep an eye on for more Shopify app reviews

Want to get your app listed? If you have built a Shopify app that fits the list, see one missing from here, let us know. Drop us an email on [email protected] with the subject "Collaboration request" and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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