Top 11 Best Accessibility Apps for Shopify [Updated August 2022]

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there and for good reason. It’s easy to use, has a ton of features, and is very scalable. But once you set up your Shopify store, you need to find the best apps to really make it work for you. So we’ve done the legwork and shortlisted the best Accessibility apps for Shopify to help you get started.

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Best Shopify Accessibility Apps Of 2022

With so many apps out there, it can be tough to know which ones are the best. So here’s a list of the best Shopify Accessibility apps to help you grow and scale your business more efficiently. Each of these apps has its own unique set of features and benefits, so be sure to read through the descriptions and our take based on the user reviews carefully to find the Shopify app that’s right for you.

1. Accessibility ‑ ADA & WCAG 2.1

Accessibility  ADA & WCAG 2.1 - AI-Powered Web Accessibility for WCAG, EAA, & ADA Compliance'
  • Rating – 5.0 of 5 stars (29 reviews)
  • Pricing – $99/month. 5-day free trial.

Accessibility Spark is an AI-powered tool that streamlines the process of making your site accessible for people with disabilities. Rather than hiring a costly accessibility agency or having your developer manually update every element of your site, Accessibility Spark does all the work for you.

  • Protect Against Lawsuits – Yes, we sell to the USA, and take compliance with web accessibility legislation seriously. By following WCAG 2.1 guidelines, we make sure that our websites are easy for everyone to use, regardless of their disability.
  • ADA & WCAG 2.1 Compliance – We use artificial intelligence to help ensure that you comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Improve SEO, Traffic & Sales – Making your site accessible can improve traffic & sales. This is because more people with disabilities will be able to see and use your site.


Based on the customer reviews, it seems that Shopify is a great platform for eCommerce businesses. The app installation process was easy and the customer support has been great. Overall, the app appears to be well made and offers good value for money.

2. CodeInspire Accessibility Tool

CodeInspire Accessibility Tool - Website Accessibility Tool for WCAG, EAA, & ADA Compliance'
  • Rating – 5.0 of 5 stars (6 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

If you are having difficulty installing the app, please contact us. We will help you install the app in less than 4 hours.

  • WCAG 2.0 Compliant Level AAA – The site meets the WCAG 2.0 Level A standard, which means it is accessible to people with disabilities. It is also compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act.
  • Protect Against Lawsuits – To avoid potential lawsuits, make sure your website is accessible to people with disabilities. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires websites to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. This means that your website must be compatible with web accessibility guidelines set out by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).
  • SEO Friendly & More Traffic – SEO can help improve your website’s ranking in search engines, increasing traffic and sales.

3. Accessibly

Accessibly - Helps with ADA & WCAG Compliance. Online Store 2.0 Compatible.'
  • Rating – 4.3 of 5 stars (18 reviews)
  • Pricing – From $5/month. 7-day free trial.

The tool is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to set up. You can customized it based on your website, and you are good to go!

  • Helps with legal stuff – This tool helps you be compliant with the WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508 and EN 301549 accessibility standards.
  • Customizable app – Your site’s accessibility tool should be in line with your overall site identity.
  • Works on phones and tablets – Improve your site’s accessibility for even more visitors by paraphrasing the advice above.


Based on the customer reviews, it is safe to say that On the Map’s ADA Compliance Plugin is a great tool that can be used by businesses to make their websites more accessible for disabled customers. All of the customer reviews mention how easy it was to install and use the plugin, and many mention how satisfied they are with the product.

4. Accessibility Enabler

Accessibility Enabler - Advanced Accessibility Solution For ADA & WCAG Implementation'
  • Rating – 4.6 of 5 stars (44 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 3-day free trial.

Accessibility Enabler allows you to customize your website for different needs of your visitors. In addition, it helps you meet accessibility compliance requirements.

  • Increase Your Sales – Addressing the needs of differently abled users could lead to increased sales. However, this population is large enough that ignoring them could lead to decreased sales.
  • Increase Compliance – Follow the accessibility laws of your country when designing and developing your app. This will help to ensure that your app is accessible to all users.
  • Increase Brand Value – By focusing on their social responsibilities, a company can increase its brand value.


Based on the customer reviews, the app is good with excellent customer service. The only downside is that the app has a subscription requirement after 3 days.

5. UserWay Website Accessibility

UserWay Website Accessibility - Ensure ADA and WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance'
  • Rating – 4.0 of 5 stars (4 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available

The Accessibility widget allows users to have a simpler and more accessible browsing experience while complying with WCAG 2.1, ATAG 2.0, European EN 301 549, ADA, and Section 508 requirements.

  • ADA & WCAG 2.1 Compliance – Way’s accessibility solutions ensure your site is compliant with both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1.
  • Shield Against Lawsuits – If your website is not fully compliant with accessibility requirements, you could be at risk of legal action if someone with a disability cannot access it.
  • Improved SEO & More Traffic – Our website is designed to be inclusive for all, while still providing the highest levels of SEO. Our goal is to make it easy for visitors from all backgrounds to find the information they need and enjoy our site.

6. Theme Kit Access

Theme Kit Access - Easily manage access to your theme'
  • Rating – 5.0 of 5 stars (1 reviews)
  • Pricing – Price: Free

The Theme Kit Access app helps you to allow theme developers, partners, or agencies to access and customize your theme while maintaining your store’s security.

  • Easily grant access – Theme Kit passwords can be used by developers to access the Theme Kit CLI.
  • Securely share passwords – Create a secure link that expires in 7 days that you can send to others to share your passwords.
  • Control who has access – Who has access to my theme?I can revoke access to who has access to my theme with one click.

7. Locksmith

Locksmith - Access control, for anything in your online store :)'
  • Rating – 4.5 of 5 stars (422 reviews)
  • Pricing – From $9/month. 15-day free trial.

Locksmith is a great choice for controlling access to your online store. We’ve been doing this for a long time and it’s worked well for us.

  • Access control for everything. – Require registration, or a customer tag in order to access the product. Lock products behind a passcode. Create country-specific collections. Give customers secret links that they can use to purchase products without registering.
  • Simple setup. Auto-installed. – You can choose any combination of locks and keys to secure your shop, and who has access to what content.
  • Support that loves you. 🙂 – We have been building Shopify apps for over 10 years and we have a long history of providing great support for our customers. Come see why merchants love using our apps!


Based on the customer reviews, it seems that this app can be helpful in creating private viewing sections for customers, connecting with mailchimp and klaviyoo, but not ominsend. Additionally, Erica went out of her way to help a customer with coding issues and was still responsive to emails while on vacation. Based on these findings, we would recommend this app for use by businesses that need to create private viewing sections or connect with other email marketing platforms.

8. Alt Text

Alt Text - SEO Image ALT TAGS'
  • Rating – 4.7 of 5 stars (158 reviews)
  • Pricing – $1.99/month

An alt text is a brief description of what is on an image, and it helps visually impaired people understand what the image is for. Search engines value alt texts to determine the content on an image.

  • – The study found that taking a break every 20 minutes can help reduce stress and improve productivity.A research study found that taking short breaks every 20 minutes can help reduce stress and improve productivity.
  • – For many people, the thought of growing their own vegetables is daunting. However, with a little bit of effort and some helpful advice, it’s possible to grow some delicious vegetables in your backyard.Some people find it daunting to try and grow their own vegetables, but with a little bit of effort and some helpful advice it is possible. Growing your own vegetables can be fun if you take the time to learn how.
  • – Some people think that the number of calories that you eat is more important than the type of foods that you eat.Some people believe that the number of calories you consume is more important than what type of food you are eating.


Based on the reviews, it seems that overall this app is a good way to add alt text to images and get them optimized for SEO. However, there are some people who have had trouble with it and some who found it helpful. Overall, we recommend giving it a try if you need help optimizing your images.

9. Famous Finder App

Famous Finder App - Identify celebrities and influencers who order from your store'
  • Rating – 5.0 of 5 stars (1 reviews)
  • Pricing – Price: Free

Celebrities and influencers can have a powerful impact on sales for consumer products if they are introduced to the product by your store. However, it can be difficult to determine when celebrities or influencers purchase from your store – especially if you receive hundreds of orders every day.

  • Identify Celebrity Customers – If a famous person like Oprah Winfrey or Justin Bieber visits your store, you’ll be notified and receive a promotional item.
  • Acces to Detailed Profiles – This list of celebrities includes information about each celebrity’s Shopify store purchase history, including the products they have purchased and the total amount spent.
  • Automatic Cross-Referencing – If we identify a customer who is famous, we will send you an email notification.

10. DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping

DSersAliExpress Dropshipping - Place 100s of orders to AliExpress in seconds & Find...'
  • Rating – 4.9 of 5 stars (8488 reviews)
  • Pricing – Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

To use the app, you will need to create an account. Once you have registered, you can begin using the app.

  • Place Orders Faster – Dsers lets you place multiple orders at once quickly to save time and gain efficiency with AliExpress dropshipping solution!
  • Find & Import Product – If you’re a DSer, you’ll be able to find and import products easily! You’ll be able to get access to special suppliers that can offer you better prices and higher quality products, which will help your business grow.
  • Supplier Optimizer – To increase profits and customer satisfaction, find new suppliers that offer better prices and quality than your current ones.


Based on the customer reviews, it can be concluded that DSerFui has poor customer service. They are often unable to solve pricing errors or provide adequate support. Overall, the service is not great and customers may find it difficult to get help from their team.

11. EasyLockdown ‑ Wholesale Locks

EasyLockdown  Wholesale Locks - Restrict access to content. Hide price. Wholesale lock.'
  • Rating – 4.7 of 5 stars (198 reviews)
  • Pricing – $7/month. 7-day free trial.

The app is easy to use and doesn’t require any coding skills.

  • Restrict access – Limit access to any content, including pages, products, collections, blogs, and the whole store. Hide the price. Login for price.
  • Grant access – You can access a group of customers by how many orders they have placed, how much money they have spent, and whether or not your marketing is accepted at specific tags or locations.
  • Flexible access rules – You can only access your customers’ information if you have the customer’s password or account number.


Based on the customer reviews, it is clear that the yNice app is easy to use and offers good value for money. The customer support is always responsive and helpful, which makes it a great choice for online stores.

Next steps

There you have it! The best Shopify accessibility apps to help take your business to the next level. No matter what your budget is or what type of business you have, there’s an app on this list that can help you improve and scale your business. And since most of these Accessibility apps for Shopify have a free trial, you can spend a while to try some of the ones you like best before finalizing one one! So what are you waiting for? Get started today and see the results for yourself! And don’t forget to keep an eye on for more Shopify app reviews

Want to get your app listed? If you have built a Shopify app that fits the list, see one missing from here, let us know. Drop us an email on [email protected] with the subject "Collaboration request" and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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